Surrender Your Boxer (fill out form below on a computer, don't use "autofill" )

NOTE: If you are a Boxer Luv adopter and, due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to return your Boxer to the rescue (per our adoption agreement requirements), BYPASS the following process and e-mail us at

You are on this page because you are considering giving up your Boxer. If you have not yet made up your mind about surrendering your Boxer and have questions about behavior, medical issues, training, or about our rescue specifically, please contact us at

We’re unable to take Boxers from outside Arizona

Boxer Luv Rescue is Phoenix-based and serves Arizona. Due to demand for our services, we are unable to bring in owner-surrendered Boxers from outside of Arizona. We are happy to provide information about Boxer rescues that are closer to you. Email us at to request a rescue referral.

If you have made the decision to surrender your Boxer

We know this is a difficult decision to make. We also hope that you have exhausted all efforts to place your Boxer with family and close friends who may already know your Boxer well. Regardless of how hard we’ll all work to make sure their transition is as easy as possible, it will still be a difficult change for the dog.

You will be asked to:

  • Tell us everything you can about your Boxer. The information you provide in the form below will help us make your Boxer’s transition into a new home as easy as possible.
  • Provide, or have your vet fax, your Boxer’s medical records to us.
  • Provide pictures of your Boxer, which will appear on the Boxer Luv Rescue website.

What happens after you fill out the form below

We will assess your Boxer prior to making a final commitment to bring him/her into our rescue. This assessment will be done in person, by one of our trained volunteers.

Due to a very high volume of owner surrender requests, we may need you to hold onto your Boxer until a space in our program opens up. This wait can be days to weeks. During this time, we may also work with you to get your Boxer spayed/neutered (if not already done), get vaccines up to date, and do extensive lab work. Due to the prevalence of Valley Fever in our state, we test all Boxers’ blood for infectious disease.

Surrender Form

By submitting the following form, you are relinquishing all claims and ownership of said dog to the organization known as Boxer Luv Rescue and members thereof. Neither Boxer Luv Rescue nor members thereof shall be responsible for actions of the adoptive or foster family and/or dog. You certify this dog is not vicious and has never shown signs of aggression toward human beings, and that this dog has never bitten anyone.