Available Dogs

We only adopt within Arizona- See below for important information

Adoption Process - COVID 19 Operations Update - June 2020

We are grateful for your desire to provide a home for a Boxer Luv Boxer.

Because of the concerns surrounding Covid19 our method of operation has been severely limited.  We are currently processing the applications that were stalled when the Stay at Home orders went into effect and we are working through those right now.

At BLR we are responsible for lifetime matches and we are pre-matching potential adopters to a specific dog at BLR based on compatibility factors. We can only consider having you apply if there is a viable candidate currently at BLR that matches your needs. You will find our available rescues here on our “Adopt” page.  Occasionally you may see these same pups profiled on our Facebook page as well.  Please review dog profiles carefully before reaching out to us at

We are so grateful for your interest in a BLR Boxer. Considering all the factors involved at this time we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Thank you for being a Boxer lover and for understanding the changing times.