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Thank you for considering a donation to Boxer Luv. It is the generous individual and group donations that empower us to be able to help.

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Boxer Luv’s mission will always be to help rescue homeless or suffering Boxer dogs out of dire situations.

To donate via check, you can send to:

Boxer Luv Rescue
PO Box 47777
Phoenix AZ 85068-7777

 Boxer Luv Rescue donate by mail
 Boxer Luv Rescue donations for our special needs rescues

Donations for our Special Rescues

Many of Boxer Luv’s animals suffer from extreme neglect or abuse. The number of emaciated Boxers we see every week is rising dramatically. They most often arrive with traumatic injuries or are totally debilitated from Valley Fever or Heartworm infections. These poor babies require specialized immediate and long-term medical care.

Funding for Boxer Luv is dedicated to rehabilitating and mending broken bones, curing illnesses, and restoring health. Our commitment to these special cases will continue when you make a gift or provide sponsorship to support our rescue.

Donate Through Paypal

Other ways to help

Important information

Your donations make Boxer Luv’s work possible. Boxer Luv is a 501(c)(3) organization, Federal EIN 80-0008810, which means gift is tax deductible. Boxer Luv never sells, shares, discloses, or trades donor information.

How Your Donations Help

  • $15 can help us with…
    A microchip and BLR tag
  • $25 provides...
    Two vaccines or a month of Valley Fever treatment
  • $175 helps provide a . . .
    Spay or neuter surgery for a rescued Boxer
  • $200 supports . . .
    Full blood panel for a rescue
  • $300 or more pays for . . .
    A needed surgery

A small monthly donation adds up fast! Sign up to be a monthly donor and support our animals year-round. Thank you!